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Braintree District is home to a diverse collection of public artworks ranging from traditional bronze statues to contemporary metal sculptures. Some well known artists have made their mark in the District; Braintree is home to an Eric Gill stone carving whilst Richard, the son of the famous printmaker Edward Bawden, has created glass etchings for the Church of St Mary in Great Bardfield. Most works have been produced as the result of commissions from public benefactors, local authorities or developers in connection with new building projects, and the great majority were created within the last hundred years. Often local residents have been involved in consultation during the design of the work, and they have sometimes also participated in its creation.

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Rothenstein, Michael
Margetts, Paul
Lysycia, Anthony
Harrington, Peter
Clarke, Jonathan
Elrington, Ptolemy
Drinkwater, George
Clarke, Jonathan
Connolly, Kitty
Condron, Michael
Rushbury, Sir Henry, RA
Ward, Tim
Womens Institute Coggeshall Branch
Wigley, Eileen
Greiffenhagen, Maurice, RA
Manheim, Julia
Doubleday, John
Watkins, David
Hodge, John
Greiffenhagen, Maurice, RA
Howie, Alisoun
Boatswain, Jason
Temple Cox, Lisa
Thrussell, Gary
Winter, Faith
Schwegmann-Fielding, Anne
Temple Cox, Lisa
Brooks, Ray
Harrington, Peter
Pottinger, Liz
Hughes, Glynis
Gill, Eric
Coppinger, Sioban
Richardson, Paul
Thrussell, Gary
Ward, Tim
Thrussell, Gary
Fountain, David
Thrussell, Gary
Central St Martins School of Art & Design (Students)
Sykes, Steven
Aust, Rushton
Wright, Amanda
Ball, Lindsey
Radford, Diane
Doubleday, John
Bawden, Richard
Hipkin, Ashley
Tribley, Elaine
Platts-Mills, Ben
Harrington, Peter
Crittall, Ariel
Wesley, Ann
Watts, J.L.
Fender, Rod
Greiffenhagen, Maurice, RA
Ledward, Gilbert
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